Back Up Your WordPress Site: BackupBuddy

Stuff happens. In my experience, it tends to happen at the most inconvenient time possible. If your computer is going¬† to be stupid and lose the whatever you’re working on, it won’t be the draft of the letter you’re writing to your sister, or even the Facebook status update about your latest blog post.…
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Taylor Made Time

Your Email Marketing Guide: Taylor Made Time

As entrepreneurs, there is sooo much we need to know about different aspects of marketing. What can I do? What can’t I do? What should I do, or not do? How do I get my message across in the best way to the most people?…
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Akismet: Protect your WordPress site from web spam

Is your WordPress website getting slammed with spammy comments? Congratulations! You’re getting enough traffic to attract some attention.

The bad news is that you’re attracting the wrong kind of attention. And the last thing you want is to offend your REAL audience with shady or off-colour or downright nasty comments that unscrupulous attackers are sending your way.…
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eWomen Network

Networking for Success: eWomen Network

What do you do to grow your business?

I do a lot of networking. I like being in the community, the company, of other like-minded individuals. I especially like being in the company of creative, passionate, empowered women who strive to change the world.…
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