Powerful strategies. Purposeful action. Profitable results.

Being a heart-centered entrepreneur is all about being in service.

Maybe you’re a creative type — a writer, a musician — serving your audience and your muse. Maybe you’re a holistic type — a coach, a healer — serving your patients and your clients.

Creative Implementations is all about the two sides of building a website, or a business:

  • you have to have a vision, and that’s the CREATIVE part
  • you have to take action to make your vision a reality, and that’s the IMPLEMENTATIONS part

I help creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs CREATE the vision, the strategies, for a business that supports their life, and then IMPLEMENT the actions, the online presence. that supports their business.

I work with you to bridge your marketing gap by connecting your branding, your website, your email newsletter, and your social media into a powerful online presence that can boost your credibility, enhance your expert status, and improve your bottom line.

How can I help you?