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Your characters come alive in the pages of your books. Make you and your books come alive on the pages of your website!

Easy for your reader to navigate ~ Easy for your reader to contact you ~ Easy for you to update and maintain

Give your readers a glimpse of your characters and insights into you in your blog posts.

Connect with your readers and bask in the glowing comments they leave for you. Direct them to where they can buy all your books online.

Build It

Is it time for a new website? Want to move from one of the free website builders to a custom site of your very own?

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Fix It

Want your site to run smoothly like a well-tuned car? Without you having to poke under the hood?

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Maintain It

Want your site to run smoothly like a well-tuned car? Don’t want to poke under the hood yourself?

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You don’t need a big, cumbersome, expensive website. What you need is an online platform so your readers can find you and follow you. And you need it to be on a platform you own.

From a simple three page introductory site (Home, About, Contact) to a more complex site (Home, About, Contact, Blog, Books, Samples/Free Reads, Reviews/Testimonials, Newsletter Signup, etc.), I can create for you a functional, attractive website that is easy for you — and your readers — to use.

I take care of the behind-the-scenes techie-geeky stuff to keep your site up to date and secure and working, so you don’t have to.

Why not get in touch? Let’s talk about what you need and what I can do for you.