About the Owner, Win Day

I’ve been in business for a long time – since 1992!  It’s morphed and changed over the years, as I moved from technical writing to web development to WordPress web development. At the core of it all is who I am:

I’m a geek. I love digging into techie geeky stuff and figuring out how it works.

I’m an engineer. I love making things work, making them work better, or adapting them to work differently.

I’m a communicator. I love explaining things and sharing my knowledge.

I’m a facilitator. I love helping people, getting stuff done, making it easy for others.

But most of all, I am a storyteller! Everything comes down to telling my story in such a way that helps, heals, and gets things done.

Creative Implementations combines all of that for me. It’s all about the two sides of building a website, or a business:

You have to have a vision, and that’s the CREATIVE part.

You have to take action to make the vision a reality, and that’s the IMPLEMENTATIONS part.

I work with you to bridge your marketing gap by connecting your branding, your website, your email newsletter, and your social media into a powerful online presence that can help you reach more readers, sell more books, and improve your bottom line.