Who I Am

I’ve been in business for a long time – since 1992!  It’s morphed and changed over the years, as I moved from technical writing to web development to WordPress web development, and now into web strategy and content planning and business brainstorming (which is kind of like coaching).  At the core of it all is who I am:

  • I’m a geek.  I love digging into techie geeky stuff and figuring out how it works.
  • I’m an engineer.  I love making things work, making them work better, or adapting them to work differently.
  • I’m a communicator.  I love explaining things and sharing my knowledge.
  • I’m a facilitator.  I love helping people, getting stuff done, making it easy for others.
  • But most of all, I am a storyteller! Everything comes down to telling my story in such a way that helps, heals, and gets things done.

Creative Implementations combines all of that for me.

Where I’ve Been

When I started my business, like a lot of entrepreneurs I was good at something (in my case engineering and writing) but I didn’t have a lot of business experience.  So I learned as I went – and I found that while there are a lot of resources for start-ups, there doesn’t seem to be a lot geared for the small business that wants to grow, one that’s poised on the edge of real success but doesn’t know how to get there.

I was frustrated because I used to struggle with how to grow my business successfully.  Too slow, and I didn’t have enough clients, enough cash flow.  Too fast, and I outgrew what I could support and sustain.

Then I learned how to build a solid foundation, starting with a strategy for my content and in particular for my website, and working my way through all of my branding and marketing, and on into my business processes.

I learned that I need these aspects of my business to be in alignment:

  • I have to offer the RIGHT mix of products and services to the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message
  • I have to use the RIGHT service providers to help me deliver those products and services and keep my business running smoothly
  • I have to have the RIGHT coaches and mentors in my life and in my business to keep me on track, get me unstuck, and help me grow

Now I am building my business to a sustainable level by combining a solid foundation with manageable growth.

Where I’m Going

Being a heart-centered entrepreneur is all about being in service. Maybe you’re a creative type – a writer, a musician – serving your muse and your audience. Maybe you’re a holistic type – a coach, a healer – serving your clients and patients.

Creative Implementations is all about the two sides of building a website, or a business:

  • You have to have a vision, and that’s the CREATIVE part
  • You have to take action to make the vision a reality, and that’s the IMPLEMENTATIONS part

I help creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs CREATE the vision, the strategies, for a business that supports their life, and then IMPLEMENT the actions, the online presence. that supports their business.

I work with you to bridge your marketing gap by connecting your branding, your website, your email newsletter, and your social media into a powerful online presence that can boost your credibility, enhance your expert status, and improve your bottom line.

I am finding my own balance between the business side, Creative Implementations, and the writing side, Win Day Writes. And I’m figuring out how to combine the two, as I bring my experience as an entrepreneur to the business of writing.