Don’t engage in questionable business practices

WARNING! If you receive any sort of message that appears to come from someone you know, or used to know, via a “new social media platform for business” called “empowr”, DELETE IT. Don’t click through to see the person’s profile, don’t click the email to unsubscribe. You’ll find that you have inadvertently created a profile/account for yourself on their website….

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Piggy Bank On Diet

How to Be a Frugal Business Owner

It’s coming up to tax time here in Canada, and the US. Pulling together year-end reports on revenues and expenses is, for some business owners, the first time all year they take a good hard look at the numbers. Bad, bad business owners! At least having to file my GST return every three months forces me to balance my books!…

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Creating Checklists For Irregular Activities

I love lists. I get tremendous personal satisfaction out of stroking completed items off of lists. And I know from experience if I don’t write something down, it likely won’t get done. Frequently the mere act of writing it down helps me to remember to do it. (Which is why I like pencil and paper, but that’s another discussion.) I’m…

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Heart-centered targeted marketing

Niche Market vs Ideal Client: Why You Need Both

We’ve been hearing for years that we need to identify and target our “niche market”. Lately the buzz has been around identifying and marketing to our “ideal client”. Some marketers will focus on one concept, and some on the other. What’s an entrepreneur to do? Answer: Savvy entrepreneurs do both. And here’s why. First, let’s look at the difference. It’s…

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