Web Strategy

Magnifying Lens BlogYour website can — and should — be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. It can certainly be one of the biggest single investments you make in your company.

Why not make it a good one?

It doesn’t start with design. A good design, one that catches their attention and intrigues them enough to stick around and poke around, is important. But that’s not where to start, so don’t run out and hire a graphic designer just yet.

It doesn’t start with content. Good content, content that quickly and concisely communicates your core message, is crucial. But that’s not where to start either, so don’t go and hire a copywriter first thing.

It starts with strategy. With a purposeful, powerful and persistent strategy, your website makes that all-important emotional connection and triggers the action you want your visitors to take, ultimately converting prospects into paying customers.

And your web strategy starts with you. You need to clear that foggy mirror and see a very clear reflection of who you are, why you do what you do, and what your compelling story is.

After looking inward comes looking outward: getting a clear picture of who you want to work with and what you offer them.

Then you can start framing those images — inner and outer — into a website that connects you to your market, by offering the RIGHT mix of products and services to the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message.

Stickmen MazeThat’s where I come in. I help you navigate through the maze of all the stuff you need to think about for your website, starting with defining your branding, moving through creating your design and content, and then helping you get your site built and up and running.

So if you want a website that actually works for your business, instead of a pretty placeholder that just sits there costing you money, let’s talk!

Book an introductory session and let’s get your website moving in the right direction!

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