WordPress / Website Services

WordPress Technical Maintenance

WordPressI offer WordPress Technical Maintenance for $250/year or $25/month (+GST for Canadian clients). This service includes:

  • managing all updates to your site, including the WordPress core, themes, and plugins (and making sure your site works correctly after updating!)
  • clearing the spam caught by your spam control plugin out of your database
  • running regular backups, and storing the backup files elsewhere so they don’t take up your site storage limits
  • making sure your site is configured securely

WordPress Content Maintenance and Upgrades

WordPress Technical Maintenance does not include adding to or editing your content! That’s up to you. If you need assistance, or need something installed, configured, changed on your site that’s above and beyond what you can handle yourself, I can still help. My hourly rate is $100/hour (+GST for Canadian clients).

I’m kind of expensive to use for regular content updates. I can refer you to some virtual assistants who can do that for  you at a much lower rate! What you might need me for is the more technical stuff: helping you decide on a plugin, when you want to add some functionality to your site, and then installing and configuring it for you (and making sure it doesn’t conflict with the plugins or theme you already use!), or bumping up your site’s security.

WordPress Basic Setup

Want to work on your site yourself, choose a theme and design etc., but don’t want the hassle of doing the initial setup? I can do a basic WordPress install for $100 (+GST for Canadian clients), which includes:

  • downloading and installing the latest version of WordPress
  • enhancing the security above the default installation
  • configuring the initial settings
  • installing my preferred set of plugins

If you prepay for a year of WordPress technical maintenance, I’ll include this for free.

Domain Registration

I can register your domain for you, through my GoDaddy control panel. Because I manage so many domains I get a bulk rate!

YOU are the registered owner of your domain, even if I register it for you. I’m listed as the technical and admin and billing contacts only. And the domain is easily transferable to your own registrar account should you choose to do that in the future.

I don’t mark up this service. It’s strictly a pass-through cost. I’ll invoice you for exactly what GoDaddy charges me, and include a copy of their invoice.


I offer hosting only to my active clients, on my own dedicated server. Since it’s my server I have complete control over how many sites and what they’re running! My server is managed for me by GoWest Hosting.

I charge $75/year (+GST for Canadian clients), billed annually on January 1 and prorated by the month if you start partway through the year.