Connecting the Dots, Closing the Loop, Coming Full Circle

Hello to all you lovely, patient people!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologize for seeming to have abandoned you for so long.

My life, especially my business life, took a 90 degree turn around the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. While I really enjoyed doing both web strategy and web development, and still do for that matter, I was getting restless. I know myself well enough to know that this means Change Is Coming. And I also know that I have to manage it, so it doesn’t manage me. And that I need to watch my boundaries just before, during, and just after the change.

Choose your pathSo earlier this year, I decided to pursue something that’s been niggling at me for a while. I wanted to write a novel. I’ve got stories in my head that have been clamouring to get out.

But my coaching practice, web strategy sessions with some branding and marketing thrown in, had been steadily increasing. And most of the strategy clients wanted to become web development clients. The workload was increasing, not decreasing as I had intended for 2013.

Something had to give. Since Tom, my husband, was in the process of making a significant change in his work life, and we were uncertain how much travel his new career would involve, and I wanted to be more flexible, I decided to really back off on the business stuff and focus on the writing.

I stopped marketing. I stopped networking. I hired a writing coach. And I hunkered down and started to write.

ArrowPuzzleHeartI’m about a third of the way through my first manuscript. That’s not as far as I had hoped, but Personal Life got in the way of Work Life for a good chunk of the year (as it frequently does).

I’m loving every minute of the writing. Even the rewriting.

But a funny thing started to happen.

Even though I wasn’t actively chasing new work, it still kept finding me. Some of it I passed off to others; I found a couple of virtual assistants who work in WordPress and could take on creating simple sites or maintaining more complex ones. Some of it I simply turned down. But some of it, especially lately, I’m looking at and thinking, hmmm, I could still do that sort of stuff and write too.

We talk a lot, as coaches, about balance. Usually that means balance between the work stuff and the personal stuff. I’m good that that balance. What I’m learning for me is that I need a balance between different sorts of work stuff. I need the techie geeky stuff that keeps my engineering brain happy. And I need the writing stuff that keeps my creative soul happy.

I learned this year that my decisions don’t have to be “either-or”. They can be all about “and”.

So what does that mean for you, who have been faithfully following me for a while? It means that Creative Implementations is not going away any time soon. I’ll be rethinking my business structure, my offerings, my pricing — hey, does that sound familiar? It’s the same process I send my web strategy clients through. How about that?

Future_CompassIt’s a three step process: look inward (about me), look outward (about my clients), look forward (about my business and especially my marketing). And this time I’ve got the added dimension of the writing side of things (which you can find over at — and I invite you all to come over there and see what’s going on!).

Stay Tuned. New Stuff Coming!


  1. Thanks, Shane! Finished the first draft of the first one and it’s taking a rest while I work on the second one.

  2. Love your story and attitude to work and life. Hope the novel is coming along nicely 🙂