Don’t engage in questionable business practices

WARNING! If you receive any sort of message that appears to come from someone you know, or used to know, via a “new social media platform for business” called “empowr”, DELETE IT.

Don’t click through to see the person’s profile, don’t click the email to unsubscribe. You’ll find that you have inadvertently created a profile/account for yourself on their website.

Except the account is not fully set up, and you don’t have a password. So you can’t even log in to see what personal information your “friend” entered into the site to enable the contact email to be sent.

You can’t even delete the account without a password. Clicking on the “Forgot Password” link sends you an email that contains not a temporary password or a “reset password” link, but links to the platform’s mobile apps.

You will start receiving many emails, from someone who was assigned as your “coach”, from other site members who want to connect (more than 50 at last count).

Emails and social media attempts to contact someone in support have gotten no response.

And to the entrepreneur who sent me the invitation: I’m tired of having to tell you to stop contacting me. I have asked repeatedly over the last few years to remove me from ALL of your lists. And yet, every few months I get something from you. This one is just the latest — and worst — of a long, long list.

“I am tired of your complaints every time you receive a rare email from me.” I shouldn’t be getting ANY sort of business communication from you. Since I have asked multiple times to be removed from your lists, you are now breaking the law.

“I was having a pretty nice day up until now.” So was I. And now, I am going to have to spend I don’t know how many hours dealing with getting my personal information removed from a site you enrolled me on by sending me an invitation.

I don’t have any way of knowing whether this latest action was the result of stupidity, ignorance about the way the platform works even though you apparently DID sign up for it, or just slimy and rude business practices. Frankly, I don’t care. I just want it to stop.








  1. Hi Win

    Thanks for this post…Reread your last paragraph, not sure if you meant to write “I don’t have any way…” or “I have no way…”

    take care

    • Thanks for noticing the missing word, Lianne. That’s what happens when you type while annoyed!