Fix It

Have a WordPress website that doesn’t work right or needs updating?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people — or to good websites.

You added a new plugin or changed your theme. You thought you were doing the right thing by running the update that WordPress told you to run. And suddenly something is wonky. The site looks funny, or it doesn’t work right, or (worst case) you’ve managed to lock yourself out and can’t even get back in to see what went wrong.

I fix existing WordPress websites: run updates, troubleshoot plugin and theme conflicts, fix layout and display issues, and plug security holes.

If your site was hacked or has malware, I can liaison between you and a company that specializes in malware removal and hack repair, if it’s beyond what I can do.

I can add new features or functionality if your current installation and themes and plugins allow those changes.

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON: Sometimes sites are, well, simply not fixable in their current condition. There are themes and plugins out there that are fragile, badly coded, or just don’t play nice together. If that’s what is going on behind the scenes on your site, I’ll tell you — and I’ll give you options to get you past the roadblocks.

Think of it like repairing that back porch with all the broken boards: you don’t know till you start ripping out what’s obviously damaged that the foundation is rotten and needs to be replaced.

Don’t panic. It doesn’t have to cost the moon. We can make this work!

Contact me, and let’s get your site working the way you want it to!