For Online Backups: MozyHome

One of my external drives died recently. Gone. The computer it was attached to couldn’t read it. Lucky for me, there was nothing on there that was absolutely essential and that couldn’t be recovered by The Geek Squad. (The drive itself didn’t fail, just the power supply to the case.)

Have you ever had a hard drive fail? Do you have everything backed up, and have you made absolutely sure you can recover from that backup?

Except for that little external drive, which mostly held my mp3 music files and some old old archives, everything I have gets backed up every single day. I use MozyHome and have it set to back up both to my online account and to another external hard drive. (And even my mp3s are now included in my backups!)

Back your stuff up! Back it ALL up. Do it regularly.

MozyHomeI really really like MozyHome. It was easy to set up and to use. When you first install it and set up your account, it does a complete and full backup of everything you tell it to manage — including your Outlook.pst file, which not all backup services handle. Then every night it does what’s called an incremental backup: it looks to see which files have changed (added, deleted, resaved) and only works with those.

So the initial backup for me takes a really long time, because I back up a LOT (almost 125 GB from my PC, and about 20GB from my husband’s PC). Most folks won’t have as much as I do, so their initial backup won’t take as long.

But knowing that every night, around 2 am, all my files are taken care of, gives me great peace of mind. Even if the house burns to the ground, the most I might lose is one day’s worth of changes.

I highly recommend MozyHome!