Get Unstuck and Say Goodbye to Overwhelm – Step 3

Last week I talked to you about my second step for getting unstuck: Get Focused.  I need focus to turn my plan (which I created through the clarity I talked about in week 1 into action steps, tasks on my to-do list.

Oh, yes, that to-do list.  Ever feel as if for every item you knock off your list, three more appear out of nowhere?  And when you’ve got a lot on the go, as most of us do, where do you start?

Get Moving

Time for actionOnce you’ve got that flip book or movie reel defined, and you know what should be on each page or in each frame. then you can start to do the actions that move you through the book or the movie.

One of my mentors, Dr. Valerie Young, says, “There is only one next step”. Choose something, and do it. Choose the next thing, and do that. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sometimes when you make that first choice, it changes the possible outcome of the whole process. Think of it like walking through a maze of corridors and doors. If I go through this door, then I didn’t go through that door, and what’s in front of me now isn’t what would have been in front of me if I’d chosen Door #2.

And that’s ok. Sometimes you circle back and go through Door #2 later. Sometimes you don’t, because once you’ve gone down the first corridor, choosing #2 and going through that door isn’t useful anymore.

Momentum is a perilous thing. If you’re moving, it’s hard to stop. If you’re not moving, it’s hard to get going. The trick is to get started and keep moving at a pace that allows you to do some course corrections if you need to.

Start - Green ButtonOne of the things I have to be careful of is getting stuck in Step 1 and Step 2. Because I like to have a plan, I sometimes get stuck in the planning stage. Another of my mentors, Michele Scism, tells her tribe often: “Good is good enough to move forward.” I’ll say that again, because it’s important: Good is good enough to move forward.

It’s impossible to get everything perfect before you launch it out into the world. It’s impossible to account for every contingency, to plan for every possible combination of outcomes. It’s more important to Get It Out than Get It Perfect. Again, course corrections are wonderful things.

So step 3 = Get Moving.