Get Unstuck and Say Goodbye to Overwhelm – Step 4

This is the fourth post in my series Get Unstuck and Say Goodbye to Overwhelm.  The first post talked about what I’ve found to be the first step I need to take to get unstuck: Get Clear.  Figure out what I want for my life, what and who I want to BE, and then I can figure out what I want to DO, where I want to go.

The second post was all about what to do with that Big Picture Plan: Get Focused.  Use the plan as the roadmap, and then figure out what to do first, what my one next step is.  Because there’s only One Next Step.

And the third post was about actually taking those steps: Get Moving.  Take that one next step, and then the one next step, and the next step.  Build some momentum by DOING.

Get Accountable

I have clarity about the direction I want to go, I am focused on what needs to be done next, and I’m moving. Sort of.

I don’t know about you, but I’m far better at getting everyone else’s stuff done than my own. My husband, my sons, my mom, my friends, my clients, my prospects, my networking contacts and groups: for some reason their tasks, their requests, hold more weight with me than getting last month’s bookkeeping done. I’m more accountable to other people than I am to myself.

The best of intentions don’t count for nearly as much as purposeful action.

I have several strategies to stay on track:

Success MindMapWork with a coach (or two)

I work with a life/health coach and a business/life coach. Notice how “life” snuck into both of those descriptions? The marvelous Manon Mitchell, Cadenza Hypnotherapy Centre, is working with me on clearing some blocks and improving my health to improve my life, and the radiant Rosemary Bredeson, trhe Scientific Mystic, is working with me on my life and business mission, my big WHY, so I can build the business that best supports my life.

Find an accountability partner

I have an accountability partner. Pam Lehr and I first became accountability partners through Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protege Club in 2011, and we still touch base twice a week on Skype. Our calls are Monday and Friday, and form sort of bookends to the week.

Join an accountability group – or start one!

I started an accountability group. I’ve been in others over the years, and I find it’s hard to get people together regularly enough to be effective. So I created a private Facebook group, which now has 6 members. Each of us posts every week, and there’s an agenda or outline we follow that looks like this:

One thing I am grateful for with regards to my business

Successes I have had or goals I have accomplished (sometimes non-business stuff creeps in here, because the personal stuff can take time that we would otherwise have spent on the business)

Something I would like to discuss or get feedback on

Something I learned, noticed, discovered

The intention I set for my business this week (this is the big picture overview intention)

I plan on getting what I intend to create by taking the following actions (these are the specific goals and tasks)

Some of us post more regularly than others. My own posts don’t always go up on a Monday! I try to post every week, though, and I’ve gotten some very valuable feedback from the comments posted by other members.Writing each post is important because it makes me reflect on what happened since the last time and think about what I want to happen before the next time. Actually posting it, though, knowing it’ll be read by the group, is important to me because it triggers that “someone is expecting this so I better get it done” response.

Hire help, local or virtual

I hired a virtual assistant, the fabulous Katherine Peter, My VA Solution. Yes, I know, the object of having a VA is so she can take some of the admin and backend tasks off my plate, thus freeing me up to do the things for my business that only I can do. And she does that very well indeed.What I didn’t expect, and what I’ve come to value at least as much, is that I also feel accountable to her to provide her with the content she needs in order to DO her assigned tasks. Hey, I’m paying her to get this stuff done, so it behooves me to make sure she CAN!

So step 4 = Get Accountable.

Reaching Full Potential Speedometer Tracking GoalPulling It Together

I’ve shared with you some of the reasons I get stuck, and some of the ways I get unstuck. I’d really love to hear from you: where are your sticking points? What overwhelms you? And how do you get out from under the huge pile of Stuff To Do so you can Get It Done?


  1. Writer’s block, cramming, starting projects and throwing them out after one burst of work, impulsive leaps off critical project paths onto distracting tasks (pinball anyone?), failure to launch until every piece is perfectly in place, number of projects building until it seems like the number of projects will inevitably and immovably go up forever, procrastination has taken many forms in my life. At root, I have come to believe that procrastination is the reciprocal of organization. Of course, I may be biased by having experienced GTD for the past four years.