Good For What Ails You: East House Natural Health Centre

One of the most important ways I can take care of my business is to take care of myself.

I have a wonky knee. In the summer of 2006 I managed to dislocate my kneecap and rip up the cartilage. A year of physiotherapy and a series of cortisone injections right below the kneecap helped some; arthroscopic surgery in 2007 helped more. Five years later, though, the joint is still rather fragile and easily inflamed and occasionally very very painful.

East House Natural Health CentreI first met Linda Easthouse of East House Natural Health Centre at a Calgary Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting in probably the spring of 2011. I think I went to her the first time for some relief of my seasonal allergies (which are much better, I only need a refresher treatment periodically).

What keeps me going back, though, is her treatment for pain relief that combines scenar and cold laser therapy. I went to the first session limping and hoping for some easing of the pain under my kneecap. By time I walked out, not only was I limping a whole lot less but I had regained a great deal of flexibility and range of motion in the knee. Cost of the session? Under $100. Being able to walk pain-free? Priceless.

I still manage to bugger it up occasionally. Walking on uneven surfaces like ice and snow (hello, winter in Calgary!) can wreak havoc; walking up stairs carrying stuff can make my knee grind today, swell up tonight, and hurt tomorrow.

When that happens I call Linda and pop in for another hour. It takes about two days for me to feel the full effect, but the difference is absolutely amazing. I had forgotten what it felt for my knee to not hurt.

If you are in Calgary, AB and suffering from chronic pain, check out East House Natural Health Centre. You’ll be glad you did. And tell Linda I sent you!