Keep Spam Out of Outlook: MailWasher Pro

I get a lot of email.

I mean, I get a LOT of email.  I collect from seven active email addresses, and some of them have been around long enough, and have been posted online in enough places, to generate a fair bit of spam.

My web hosting company has good spam filters on their computers (thanks, Michael!), and they provide a solid first line of defense, but a fair bit still creeps through.  I really don’t want all of that to end up in my Outlook inbox.

I also subscribe to a number of LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and I follow a number of people who I think provide good content.

That all adds up.  It’s not uncommon for me to receive 100+ messages every day, of which maybe 25-30 are ones I want to at least skim through.

When I’m home, that 25-30 isn’t an issue.  I don’t keep Outlook up and running and collecting mail all the time; I tend to check three or four times a day, deleting the garbage, skimming the ones that look mildly interesting, and concentrating on the important ones.

But when I’m away, especially on personal travel, those messages can add up in a really big hurry.  The last think I want to do when I get home from a two week holiday is to have to weed through 1200 or 1500 messages to find the ones I have to respond to!

MailWasher ProTo deal with all of that email, I keep MailWasher Pro up and running all the time.

(Disclaimer: that’s an affiliate link. If you click and purchase, I do receive a small commission on the sale)

I started using MailWasher Pro in 2007.  I like it even more now than I did when I first found it.

MailWasher sits between the Internet and my Inbox, filtering — and deleting — spam and unwanted mail.  You check your email with MailWasher first, before you download your email to your email program.

MailWasher will prevent all spam getting to your computer by showing you a preview of the email waiting at your email provider, conveniently marked as good and spam.  You can then quickly check and read any email, and with a click of the WASH MAIL button, all the spam is removed and the remaining good email is downloaded to your computer.

Because it always shows you a preview of the messages first, you can catch the false positives that spam filters inevitably get (when a message is flagged as span and shouldn’t be).  You also “teach” it what to consider spam; you can flag  a message as spam, or blacklist a sender or even a sending server.

What I really like, though, is that I can delete GOOD messages that I don’t necessarily want to download into Outlook and read.  I get things like the local weather forecast, daily deals from places I show and the airlines I fly with.  I can delete them via MailWasher without marking them as spam.  They never hit Outlook, but they’re still considered legitimate messages.

So when I get home from vacation, I fire up MailWasher, and then delete away.  I can even pre-screen posts from the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, so I know what I want to go look at on those platforms.

I can clear out thousands of messages without having to get them into Outlook first.  Magic!

It is PC only, though.  I’ve got enough friends with Macs to wish they also had a Mac version.