Looking for sound or video?

I get all sorts of marketing emails from all sorts of companies.  And I do have accounts with a number of stock photo websites, so I can help my clients source images for their projects.

As it happens, I was on a coaching call yesterday with a client who asked about using music on her site.  We talked about the copyright implications: how you can’t just take a track from your favourite CD and plunk it on your website!  And I mentioned that just like stock photo sites, there are sites that provide stock audio and video tracks and loops.

Video BlocksLo and behold, what pops into my inbox this morning but an email about a site called Video Blocks offering for 7 days of free downloads of audio and video and backgrounds and more!

You do have to give them a credit card to sign up for the free 7 day trial.  And pay attention: because it’s $79 per month after your free trial.  If you aren’t going to use the service beyond the free trial, make sure you cancel in time before the paid subscription kicks in.

But if you’ve been thinking about adding music to your website or to a presentation, or you want an intro clip for a webinar, take advantage of their 7 day offer — because you have unlimited downloads during that time.