Maintain It

Need your site kept running smoothly?

Just like your car, your WordPress site needs regular maintenance to keep it operating in peak condition.

A site with out-of-date code is a site at risk for hackers and malware and code conflicts. The spam that builds up, even if it’s sitting in the Trash folder and not showing as live comments, puts a drain on resources and slows things down — and can provide a back door for nasty things to be inserted. And regular backups are your safety net: they allow you to restore a site to its formerly working condition in the event that something breaks.

But you shouldn’t have to take care of all of that. You should be writing!

That’s where I come in. I take care of the technical maintenance, leaving you free to focus on creating and adding content.

My WordPress Technical Maintenance Package includes:

  • running scheduled backups and storing the backup files offsite
  • controlling spam and cleaning up the database
  • updating the WordPress core and your themes and plugins — and troubleshooting and repairing when an update breaks something
  • running regular malware scans
  • configuring security measures and monitoring for security issues


All for an affordable annual fee. So you can concentrate on writing!

Contact me, and let’s talk about what you need.