Networking for Success: eWomen Network

What do you do to grow your business?

I do a lot of networking. I like being in the community, the company, of other like-minded individuals. I especially like being in the company of creative, passionate, empowered women who strive to change the world. That’s what I get from eWomen Network.

eWomen NetworkHeadquartered in Dallas, it’s the biggest women’s business network I know. I’m fortunate that Alberta has a powerhouse of a regional director in JoAnn Vacing, who built the province up to now seven very active chapters. Each chapter has a fantastic managing director; I’ve gotten to know most of them over the last couple of years since I joined.

What I love about eWomen Network is their mandate to “lift as you climb”. It’s not just about selling or referrals. Yes, that’s a part of why we all belong, and I’ve done business in both directions with other members. But it’s so much more than that! From their website:

“Through the philosophy of abundance, we consciously and intentionally look for ways to share information, leads, contacts, and business. Yes, eWomenNetwork represents a heart-centered approach which honors how women connect, collaborate and create with each other.”

eWomen Network has provided me with clients, referrals, speaking opportunities, learning opportunities too numerous to count, and most importantly with friends.

What do you do to grow your business? Why not check out eWomen Network?