Remember Everything: Evernote

I’m a paper and pencil kinda gal.  I take notes when I’m on the phone with my mother.  My projects are sorted into binders, and notebook paper is one of my standard purchases at Staples.  But when you travel a lot, it’s not terribly convenient to carry a bookcase full of binders everywhere you go.

Enter Evernote.

It’s a free app that installs on my PC and my Android phone and my Android tablet.  It syncs to the cloud automatically (oh yeah, you do have to create a cloud account), so pretty much as soon as I enter something on one device, it’s available on my other devices.Evernote_logo

I’ve got Notebooks for all sorts of stuff, business and personal.  You can even secure pieces of content so that even if I lose my phone, no one can read the protected chunk without the password.  It’s where I keep track of project information (the info I need, not the info that my clients or subcontractors would need), and ideas for blog posts, and the outline for my next book, and a list of restaurants that we pass when we’re out and about that we want to remember to come back to and the ones I read about in the Saturday paper (sorted by city, because we do travel!).

I wrote the original draft of this post in Evernote.  The text formatting is pretty basic, but for sheer note-taking, it’s fantastic.  Since I type at least as fast as I write, I’ve started to use Evernote on my tablet to take notes in workshops and at events.

This is one of those applications that the more I use it, the more I find uses for it.  There is a premium version, but I’ve not seen the need to upgrade to it — the free version does everything I need.  There are also add-ons, some offered directly by Evernote and some available from third parties through The Trunk.  In fact, when I went to pull links and images for this post, I found a couple I want to install and try!

When you can’t Remember Everything, remember Evernote.