So what am I up to these days?

You talked, I listened.

If there’s one consistent message my clients have been sending me, it’s that they need me to help them through the entire process of getting their business online.  It’s not enough to simply build their website: we have to first plan the project, then do the project, and then follow up on the project.

So I now offer a continuum of services, to help you at each step along the way!

The “before you talk to a web developer” step

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start

“Do Re Mi”, from The Sound of Music
lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, 1959

Before you set out in your car on a roadtrip, you need a map and a plan.  Before you build a house, you need a blueprint.  Before you bake a cake, you need a recipe.

And before you commission a web developer or a marketer to build you a website, you need a strategy.  I used to do this step as part of every web development project anyway: I need to get your branding and market and content structure out of your head so I know what to build!

Now I offer that step as a stand-alone session. Right now I’m doing them one on one, but I can reach more people if I deliver the same material in front of a roomful of people, or online as a series of webinars.

The “let’s build it” step

So once you have your strategy nailed down, the next step is to build what you planned.

I love WordPress.  I love not having to reinvent the wheel every time I build a website.  I love how powerful and how flexible it is.  I love how my clients can maintain and update their websites themselves.  Did I mention I love WordPress?  These days I use WordPress almost exclusively when I build a site.

Because I’m doing more and more strategy sessions with more and more people — and that will increase, of course, once I figure out the best way to deliver to a larger audience — I can’t possibly build for every person who goes through a strategy session.  I’m very pleased to be able to announce that I am partnering with a branding expert who has a team of designers and developers that can make your branding vision a reality.

The “now that I’ve got it what do I do with it” step

And once you have your website (and your email newsletter, and your blog) you have to fill all those content buckets with stuff.  Add in social media and audio and video, and that’s a whole lot of content buckets!

I help folks figure out how to fill those content buckets without losing their sanity.

The “I’m stuck” or “I need a nudge” step

Sometimes we need a fresh set of ideas, or a gentle nudge to keep moving in the right direction.  So I also help people work through their sticking points, and then help them stay on track with their plans.

It’s all good

Whew!  That’s a lot of pieces.  But you know what?  It’s all connected, and it’s all fun.