Something Fierce: Marian Call

Nothing beats live music.

I listen to a lot of music. There’s almost always something playing in my office when I’m working (which prompts another post about auto-playing audios and videos on your websites…). I have very eclectic taste in music, more wide-ranging probably than I do in art or literature.

And one of my very very favourite things is when I get to hear a treasured artist live and in person.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Marian Call live twice. In 2010, she visited Edmonton as part of her 49>50 Tour (where she hit ALL 50 US states, and a good many Canadian provinces) and played a house concert for me and my family and friends. In. My. House. Which is so far beyond awesome I can’t even describe it.

In 2012 she swung back through Alberta, and this time I caught up with her in Calgary. In someone else’s house.

I like her music quite a lot, and I really love hearing her live.  I’m part of her Donor’s Circle, because I believe strongly in supporting the arts — and in supporting young entrepreneurs.

Marian Call European Adventure QuestBecause Marian isn’t just a talented singer-songwriter, she’s also a kick-ass entrepreneur. Completely independent, without the backing of a label or even an agent, she puts out albums and goes on tour regularly. Last year she toured Europe, and paid for the project with a Kickstart venture in the form of an online game called Marian Call European Adventure Quest that fully funded probably within hours, and went on to pull in almost 6 times her original goal of $11,111.

So go. Have a listen. Buy an album (or two). Drop a tip in the Tip Jar.

And keep watching. Because Marian, and other independent artists like her, are the redefining the future of the music industry.

Something Fierce: Marian Call