Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz

I have used a DIY website builder since 2003 and it has served me well.  But there comes a time when even the best tools need to be updated.  And it was time!

Kudos to Win Day of Creative Implementations, who stuck with me as I wibbled and wobbled my way through a sketchy idea of what I thought I wanted (maybe, until the next shiny thing came along), and provided coaching and occasional prodding until I had defined a strong website strategy – and then changed it – more than once, until I finally had the final version.  It’s true that websites are easy to create with the tools that are available now.  But it’s REALLY important to understand exactly what you need your website to do for you.  And it really does help if you have content to put into it!

Building your website before you build your plan is a bit like driving for 3,000 kilometers before deciding what your destination is!  It might be a great trip, and you’ll see a lot of shiny things, but you might never reach your destination.

A website is not just a marketing page.  It can do SO much more!  If you are ready to overhaul your website and take it from a content page to a workhorse tool, you need to talk to Win!  Win helps people get from “I think I need to update my website” to “I have a website strategy that is backed up by a great site”!

Love my new website – Win Day made it easy to use AND made sure that I had a strong strategy! If you have a website reno coming up on your business plan, you have to talk to her!

Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz, Taylor Made Time

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