Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz

I have used a DIY website builder since 2003 and it has served me well.  But there comes a time when even the best tools need to be updated.  And it was time! Kudos to Win Day of Creative Implementations, who stuck with me as I wibbled and wobbled my way through a sketchy idea […]

Jo-Ann Vacing

Thank YOU Win Day …YOU shared so much, challenged us to be objective, YOU imparted how important it is for OUR websites to be marketing tools! Jo-Ann Vacing, eWomen Network

Karen Rodrigue

Excellent!  Thanks Win. Karen Rodrigue, Time Frames Custom Framing

Lori Fankhanel

Win, it looks so AWESOMELY AMAZING!!!!!  We look so “WOW”….  Holy cow I had no idea how great it would look.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   I just can’t say that enough.   You have put oxygen back into my spirits regarding the foundation, thank you so much for that. I don’t know how to […]

Manon Mitchell

Thanks Win Day of Creative Implementations for your patience and wonderful coaching and technical expertise that got my new website up and rolling! If you, FB friend, need your website freshened up or you may not even have one, contact Win TODAY! Manon Mitchell, Cadenza Hypnotherapy Centre