When the Problem is You: Get Out of Your Own Way, Part 3

The last two weeks, I’ve talked about some myths that can keep us from moving our business and ourselves in the direction we want to go. The first myth was about not being able to let go and delegate: “No one knows my business as well as I do, so no one can do these things as well as I can”. The second myth was almost the exact opposite, doubting ourselves: “I don’t know enough; I should take one more teleseminar or sign up for one more membership program because this guru says he has the answer”. I’ve gotten caught up in both myths from time to time, but the one that really poses a regular hurdle for me is the third one.

Myth #3: I can’t launch this program/sell this product/offer this coaching because it’s not perfect yet.


Whooo boy, do I get caught here. My friend and mentor Caterina Rando calls this “waiting for ready”. I love to plan; I need to see the big picture before I can get started implementing. So I tweak and I change – and I stall. It’s like hitting the perpetual SNOOZE button on my business.

Another friend and mentor, Michele Scism, says this: “Good is good enough to move forward”. I have started to use that as my mantra, so repeat after me: “Good is good enough to move forward”.

Guess what? It’s never going to be perfect. There is always something that you can improve about a product or program or system. But the best way to figure out how or what to change and improve is to put something out in the world and see what the response is.

One of the most wonderful things about working online is that you CAN change something. Not getting a lot of op-ins for your free offer? Didn’t get a good response to your initial launch for a product or service? Change the offer: many times that just means changing the wording around the offer, not the substance of the freebie or the product or the program. Add more value all the time; nothing is ever really done, when it’s online.

Starting to use video on your site? Don’t worry too much about slick production values or expensive equipment. Starting to blog more frequently, or publish a regular ezine? Get your message clear and focused, and then get some help editing the pieces for grammar and spelling.

Chalkboard NOWI’m not advocating sloppy work. I’ve had to put down the occasional novel or business book because it’s so poorly written that I trip over the poor grammar and spelling; I can’t get past the errors to benefit from the content.

I AM advocating taking action. Again, our success depends on what we do, not on what we intend to do. As Wayne Gretzky says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

We’re coming up to the end of 2012. Wouldn’t it be great to move into 2013 with momentum?

Action Question: What do you have that’s “almost ready”, that you could finish up as the year finishes up and launch in 2013?